Five Little Monkeys-Lesson Ideas

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Five Little Monkeys is one of my favorite children song. Is an excellent lesson tool because is fun and attractive for all the children. I used it a lot of times in my class and every time the lesson is ending up with dancing, laughing  and rolling on the floor! like monkeys!!

You can start your lesson by listening the song with the kids. Below you can find the links for youtube!


Then you can play 5 little monkeys with your children. And start just like this a math lesson.

A puppet is very useful in every lesson! You can buy your favorite here!

Monkey Puppet

Image result for monkeys puppets amazon

Five Little Monkeys Hand PuppetImage result for Five Little Monkeys Hand Puppet

You can print some number flash cards for free here!

Five little monkeys

Print  1-5 Number Cards-Five Little Monkeys

Thanks for joining me!

Stay tuned for more ideas!!!

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